Cancun Spring Break Update

March 10, 2019

The US State Department recently issued an alert for spring breakers traveling to Mexico. The alert noted that while the majority of travelers to Mexico enjoy a safe trip, spring breakers can run into issues and advised caution in the following areas:

  • Plan for payment or insurance for medical emergencies
  • Use caution while swimming to avoid drowning
  • Be aware of unregulated alcohol and reports of illness and injury as a result
  • Reports of sexual assault, especially targeting inebriated or isolated individuals
  • Stricter and more heavily enforced drug laws than in the US
  • Restrictions on guns of any type
  • Arrests as a result of drunk and disorderly behavior

The State Department’s alert is great advice for any spring breaker traveling to Mexico.  Drowning is the number one cause of death of US tourists in Mexico.  There have been many reports of blackouts and worse due to tainted alcohol. And, unfortunately, a high number of US travelers to get sexually assaulted while on vacation in Mexico.  At Travelyze, we suggest every traveler read and follow the State Department’s alerts and guidelines.  We also encourage travelers to utilize the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrolment Program (STEP) to receive the most up-to-date security information on their phones.

Unfortunately, Cancun has already had its first US tourist fatality of the spring break season.  On March 8th, a 19-year-old from Michigan fell from his balcony at the GR Solaris Hotel.  The cause of this tragic incident has not been determined, but it should be a reminder for all travelers that infrastructure and safety standards are not the same in Mexico as they are in the US. Unfortunately, many hotels have lower balcony heights and less strict safety standards.  Travelers should always use caution on balconies and keep the safety and infrastructure differences in mind while vacationing in Mexico.

For anyone planning to visit Cancun during Spring Break, we also suggest visiting the website and signing up for a personalized safety assessment to receive up to date travel safety intelligence based on your actual travel plans.

 A Travelyze Assessment provides travelers with:

  • Valuable travel data, safety tips and risk mitigation strategies based on a traveler’s actual itinerary.
  • Updated Crime Summary for your travel region.
  • Personalized Hotel Assessment.
  • Shows how to safely use the public transportation system. Learn what areas of the local geography are safe to visit and where to shop and eat.
  • Discover the safest ways to manage cash and credit cards. How to keep passports safe but always accessible. How to keep valuables hidden.
  • Access local emergency numbers to get help when needed. Get the rundown on local police and medical services. Find out how to contact the local U.S. Embassy.

For more information on travel safety and to order your personalized travel assessment, please visit



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Dave Husler

Dave Husler has over 20 years of military and civilian experience in international security. He developed a love of languages and foreign cultures as a linguist in the US Army and gained a strong foundation of analytic skills while earning a Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University in Bethesda, Maryland. He has enjoyed adventures in over 20 countries. His passion is traveling with his family, experiencing different cultures, and helping others to have adventures of their own.