Travelyze: Our Story

The Machu Picchu Story: How the Idea for Travelyze Began

The idea for Travelyze started as the brainstorm of CEO Dave Husler, following a trip with his family to Machu Picchu. Here is how Dave tells it:

“Every great travel company starts with a journey to Machu Picchu. Ours is no different.

One afternoon a few years ago, when my son was in the first grade, he came home excited with a picture of Machu Picchu. He couldn’t wait to tell us everything he had learned in school that day about this far-away place. Then, as any seven-year-old would, he asked if we could go there. I must admit, I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu myself. Based on my experience traveling to other places around the world I knew that with the right planning and preparation it would be a fun trip. It took me very little time to say yes and soon we found ourselves on a train watching the valley go by us as we made our way to this historic location, set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

The trip was the highlight of the summer and one that we’ll both be talking about for years to come. As we talked with friends and family when we got back, so many people commented that they wouldn’t know how to safely organize a family trip like this. What hotels should they stay in? What types of tours are the best to take? How to find a reliable taxi service? How much of the language to know? I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and trip planning experience with them and quickly discovered that I could help others learn to properly plan and travel safely out of the country and experience a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation.


Now I’m excited to be part of the Travelyze team and help our clients prepare for adventures of their own.”

Dave Husler

Dave Husler, CEO