Personalized Travel Safety Assessment

Your Portal to Safe Vacation Travel

For a one time cost of only $75.00, you’ll receive a personalized Travel Assessment for your vacation destination, and access to the Travelyze Smart Travel Portal, filled with safety videos and other important safety information about traveling.

To access your assessment, you’ll need to sign up for our portal and fill out a questionnaire.

It’s easy and only takes about 15 minutes. You’ll just need to answer a few questions about your travel plans.

Travelyze Questionnaire

The questionnaire follows the Travelyze motto of Prepare, Protect, Enjoy.  In each of these sections, you’ll be asked about how you will deal with a situation or scenario that presents a potential high-risk point in your travel. Your answers will help us provide you with personalized risk mitigation strategies designed to keep you safe.

My Smart Travel Portal

Included in your fee is unlimited access to the Smart Travel Portal. This includes:

  • Travel Assessment
  • Personalized Hotel Assessment
  • In-depth guides, videos, and strategies for risk mitigation on your trip

Best of all, your unlimited account gives you access to new travel advice, safety tips, and in-depth guides prepared by the Travelyze Security Team.

New travel advice and safety tips will be added to the Portal periodically so check back often!

Going to Cancun? We’ve Got You Covered.

Are you ready to get properly prepared to stay safe while you’re maximizing the family fun factor on your next vacation to Cancun, Mexico? Just click on the link below to begin your journey to a safer travel experience with your Personalized Cancun Travel Assessment from Travelyze.

Available Assessments

Because our Travelyze team uses a “boots on the ground” approach, only certain vacation locations are available for assessment at the moment.

Check back often, or sign up for our newsletter to find out when other assessments become available! Click on a location below to sign up for an assessment!