The Travelyze Philosophy

Our Mission

Travelyze provides international travelers with the tools and resources needed to ensure peace of mind and safety when traveling abroad.

Travelyze fills a sizable gap in the travel safety domain where security services are available to high end customers and VIPs, but the cost of these services put them out of the reach of ordinary vacationers.

Our primary product will be risk assessments that identify hazards for travelers and provide risk mitigation strategies to ensure safe travel.

  • Travelyze provides clients with individualized travel assessments that mitigate the inherent risks associated with trips outside of the United States. Our proven risk mitigation strategies provide clients with the confidence and peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy their trips abroad. Travelyze prepares clients to seamlessly incorporate simple safety behaviors into their daily travel routines. Seldom shared Travelyze security tips prepare our clients to easily navigate specific hazards in an unfamiliar environment.
  • Travelyze educates clients before and during their trips using a variety of communication tools, dynamically adapting to changes that impact travel security and safety. This dynamic assessment provides ongoing opportunities for clients to make real-time decisions that keep them safe. Try Travelyze once and wonder how you ever traveled without us.
  • Travelyze will not promote travel to unsafe destinations and we cannot ensure safety only educate travelers on the risks.

Our Commitment

We believe that travelers must be prepared to have fun! We educate our clients, so they are prepared to go on their next adventure. Our assessments are designed to educate clients while introducing safety concepts.

Our assessments contain strategies using identified key situations for minimizing risk and increasing safety during their trip.

Going to Cancun? We’ve Got You Covered.

Are you ready to get properly prepared to stay safe while you’re maximizing the family fun factor on your next vacation to Cancun, Mexico? Just click on the link below to begin your journey to a safer travel experience with your Personalized Cancun Travel Assessment from Travelyze.

Destination Focus: Mexico and the Caribbean

Travelyze’s target audience and focus areas will be vacationers traveling to Mexico and the Caribbean. Mexico is the number one international destination for US travelers.

Parts of Mexico are among some of the most dangerous places to travel in the world and Mexico is the country most queried with search terms related to safety by vacationers.