What Does Travelyze Do?

Travelyze is an online company that provides international travelers with the tools and resources needed to ensure peace of mind and safety when traveling abroad.  We are experts in travel security to help you travel safe.

Travelyze Assessments

Our primary product are risk assessments, which identify hazards for travelers and provide risk mitigation strategies to ensure safe travel.

Destination Analysis

The Travelyze Security Team personally visits and analyzes every destination we assess for travelers. We put our boots on the ground, conduct interviews and collect intelligence.

Travel Education

Travelyze educates clients before and during their trips using a variety of communication tools, dynamically adapting to changes that impact travel security and safety.

The Travelyze Assessment: My Personal Portal to Safe Travel

You’ve got the vacation of a lifetime planned for you and your family, introducing them to the culture and excitement of another country.

You can’t wait to get there and start having fun.

But there’s something important you need first. Before you pack your passport, bags and get on a plane, you need up-to-date, reliable information on how to stay safe while you’re out of the country.

You need your Personalized Travelyze Assessment.

Your personal Travelyze Assessment provides you with up to date travel safety intelligence based on your actual travel plans. Prepare, Protect and Enjoy your vacation with the added security of a personalized safety assessment from the Travelyze team of security experts. We’ll help keep your family safe throughout your out of the country adventure.

What I get with My Travelyze Assessment
  • Valuable travel data, safety tips and risk mitigation strategies based on your actual itinerary.
  • Updated Crime Summary for your travel region.
  • Personalized Hotel Assessment.
  • Show you how to safely use the public transportation system. Learn what areas of the local geography are safe to visit. And where to shop and eat.
  • Discover the safest ways to manage your cash and credit cards. How to keep your passport safe but always accessible. How to keep your valuables hidden.
  • Access local emergency numbers so you can get help if you need it. Get the rundown on local police and medical services. Find out how to contact the local U.S. Embassy.

Travelyze will supply you with all this information and much more.

Prepare, Protect, Enjoy

At Travelyze, we believe that traveling safe with your family out of the country is a three step process: Prepare, Protect and Enjoy.


We prepare you for your trip by suggesting the selection of a hotel, list the documents to bring with you, and provide important safety and health tips based on the selected destination.


In the Protect section of our analysis, we provide you with proven strategies to guard yourself and your valuables. You’ll learn how to use travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.


Having fun is the most important part of any vacation. Travelyze will give you tips and strategies on how to maximize your safety while you’re busy having the best time of your life.

Going to Cancun? We’ve Got You Covered.

Are you ready to get properly prepared to stay safe while you’re maximizing the family fun factor on your next vacation to Cancun, Mexico? Just click on the link below to begin your journey to a safer travel experience with your Personalized Cancun Travel Assessment from Travelyze.

Boots On The Ground: The Travelyze Difference

Travelyze Intelligence Reports are not boilerplate travel facts. The Travelyze Security Team personally visits and analyzes every destination we assess for travelers.

That’s right. We put our boots on the ground, conduct interviews and collect intelligence. The result: you receive real travel intelligence, customized to your trip, time and location. Essential information continuously updated by our professional staff of security experts to ensure your safety.

So, enjoy that trip of a lifetime and open the door to a new country and a new culture for you and your family to discover and let Travelyze analyze your itinerary and show you how to stay safe while you’re away.